One who is put above the rest. Principal; leading; head; eminent in power or importance; the best or most important or valuable of several; paramount; of leading importance. Declaration in chief is a declaration for the principal cause of action. Examination in chief is the first examination of a witness by the party who produces him.
@ chief baron
Formerly, the presiding judge of the English court of exchequer; answering to the chief justice of other courts. Superseded by Lord Chief Justice of England
@ chief clerk
The principal clerical officer of a court, bureau or department, who is generally charged, subject to the direction of his superior officer, with the superintendence of the administration of the business of the office
@ chief executive
See chief magistrate
@ Chief Judge
See Chief Justice
@ Chief Justice
The presiding, most senior, or principal judge of a court
@ Chief Justice of England
The title formerly given to the presiding judge in the Queen's Bench Division of the high court of justice, and, in the absence of the Lord Chancellor, president of the high court, and also an ex officio judge of the court of appeals. Now superseded by the "Lord Chief Justice of England" who is President of the Queen's Bench Division
@ Chief Justice of the Common Pleas
In England, the presiding judge in the court of common pleas, and afterwards in the common pleas division of the high court of justice, and one of the ex officio judges of the high court of appeal. Office disappeared in 1881
@ chief justiciar
/chiyf jastishiysr/
In old English law, a high judicial officer and special magistrate, who presided over the aula regis of the Norman kings, and who was also the principal minister of state, the second man in the kingdom, and, by virtue of his office, guardian of the realm in the king's absence. 3 Bl.Comm. 38
@ chief lord
The immediate lord of the fee, to whom the tenants were directly and personally responsible
@ chief magistrate
The head of the executive department of government of a nation, state, or municipal corporation. The President is the chief executive of the United States
@ chief office
Office of paramount importance or the leading office
@ chief pledge
In old English law, the borsholder, or chief of the borough
@ chief rents
In old English law, the annual payments of freeholders of manors; also called "quit-rents," because by paying them the tenant was freed from all other rents or services. Abolished by Law of Property Act of 1922
@ chief use
In customs law, for purposes of determining the proper tariff classification, this refers to the use by users, as a whole, of the type of commodity involved, and not merely individual use. Gleeson v. U.S., 432 F.2d 1403, 1407, 58 C.C.P.A. 17

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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